Monday, March 10, 2008

Jejak : G2G make easy


Cultural Exchange Programme Through Visual Art

National Art Gallery Malaysia – Galeri Nasional Indonesia
11 September – 20 September 2007

Concept of Implementation
Government to government – The exhibition is conducting through smart partnership under the Programme of
Cultural Exchange through visual art between the NAG and National Art Gallery

Curatorial Concept study - how the young artists
response / reflect towards the national vision and mission (Vision 2020 and multimedia super corridor)
critism – polution and charity
rebuke – consumerism
support – batik and media art
reality – stress

II. open ended – Open aprreciation- the visitors are free to give their own appreciation (enrich the contents and meaning)

III. open discussion (visitors / audience / artlover can give thier opinion directly to theartists and discuss it- via email, web and blog.

Case Study
The contribution of the established veteran and senior Malaysian artist do help a lot in the development of national visual arts and it is definitely something that cannot be deniable. Yet, what’s next? Is nearly to the age of national independence, it is the right time for NAG to explore the differences by exposing the work of the young artists. Malaysia has proved their emergence as a `trail’ layer in continuing the struggles to put Malaysia visual art scene into the high position.

Since early 90’s, the government started to
launch the campaign towards the development
country through several policies and program
such as Vision 2020 and putting an efforts for
becoming Malaysia as the MSC hub ( Multi
media Super Corridor). Both of the mega
campaign has developed various perception in
the society that comprises from every level
whether through its geographical, educational,
economy, social and religious
background and cultures. This mega campaign, more or less has an impact to the society lifestyles such as the globalization and the changing of agriculture to the industrialisation, in purpose to generate the national economy and also to ensure that the technology is the thing that everybody in the society must know and care about.

Suggestion to the Trailers

The audience as the trailer were invited to
come along and participate in giving their
interpretation towards the exhibited artworks. The audience also supposed to do a research and trailed the situation that changing the form of mind by understanding the event and what influenced the artworks. TRAIL is representing the continuity of Malaysian art development and also their contribution to the development and the successfulness of the mission and the whole Malaysian people visions.

Prepared by,
Exhibition Services Division
National Art Gallery of Malaysia
March 2008
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  1. hey, dude, interesting, but too much info lah, simplifiedlah a bit and hace more photo. why does it sounds so government? I wish you talk more about your passion.

  2. Actually ni mmg paper gomen yg aku patut present kat ASIA curators conference kan Manila tu, Aku terpakso upload sini coz nak hantar format powerpoint berat, jadi depa ambik kat sini jer