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KINGDOM OF REBEL#2 – Mash Cultura
Research. Meetings. Collaboration.Laboratory Work.Performance.Exhibition
MASH CULTURA - When the rebelliousness are dead

“That the modernist tradition of progress and ceaseless extension of the frontiers of innovation are now dead. Originality is dead. The avant-garde artistic tradition is dead. All religions and utopian visions are dead and resistance to the status quo is impossible because revolution too is now dead. Like it or not, we humans are stuck in a permanent crisis of meaning, a dark room from which we can never escape. Do we need our rebelliousness to continue to live or the rebelliousness also dead? (Inspired by Kalle Lasn's Contemporary Society) - Irene Agrivina, 2010”

Concept of Initiatives
The objective of Kingdom of Rebel#2 – Mash Cultura is multifaceted. We aim to work on research based on youth movement, sustainability and technology subjects by the way of exchange and collaboration amongst artist, musician, scientist, theorist and international communities; professionals from the creative industries; and the promotion of creative urban youth culture. We plan to research about youth movement, sustainability, technology and the reaction from social and public.

Format and reasons for choice
The lab work is aiming to build a connection with innovative methods of sharing and understanding to raise the value for the enrichment of social culture focusing on aesthetic and musical implementation responding situation and condition of developing countries. The series of discussions, laboratory works, meetings, exhibitions and performances will become the results of Kingdom of Rebel#2 – Mash Cultura

To classify the young generation reactions by using technology in the context of culture (Text and Context). Text will explain about the aesthetical factor from the output of technology such as harmony, melody, visual, interactivity, literature, and performance. Context will explain how the sound and images affect the audience, social, and environment. We also plan to ask artists and participants to create a collaborative work pattern for inter-creative communities involved in this project and then to look the beneficial outputs, which were potentially, could be developed through more sharing knowledge, researches and also collaborations. To establish an interactive communications between communities and artists through working together, collaborating, sharing, research, exchange knowledge and produce something together in one project.

Kingdom of rebel#2 – Mash Cultura issues to be addressed
Majidi Amir and Irene Agrivina as the initiator and curator, work with Institution partners [HONF, National Gallery of Malaysia}, bring these challenges of issue below as research and works. We will send the list of issues and challenges to Institutions and all those who relevant to involve to this project before the schedule of residency and laboratory work begin. So they able to make further research on each challenge and issue, develop new ideas that relevant to each country conditions and situations, but adoptable. We will bring its research of the issues and the ideas of laboratory works in which relevant to present situation and conditions, to public, then whether the partners will ready with each ideas and solution to be develop in the laboratory and it’s environment.

Technology nowadays is one of visual piece that growing so fast and get many reactions either negative or positive. It is now become interesting because of its progress and studies. The abstraction between visual and social reaction will become the short impact. The long lasting impact can become intergenerational which shapes society in general. The amount of passion and intention with the help of exposure and a dash of talent is what makes the life of a development artist and their communities more fulfilled. It is making one’s life the greatest work of art and innovation that matters most, and so others can be inspired to do the same.

We will elaborate with some institutions partners to realize this project.
There will be five different approaches to gain the goals and to reach a wide range of scale for the visibility and impact of Kingdom of Rebel#2 - Mash Cultura project

1. Research
2. Open Community Forum - Debates, Meetings and Discussion,
3. Collaborative project
4. Laboratory Work
5. Breakcorelabs version
6. Exhibition/Performance

Project approach

1. Research
Elaborate with some partner institutions, participants will make a research aesthetic way of technology in correlation with the environments around.
2. Open Community Forum
Debates, Meetings and Discussion
Instead of working in technology, we will also make a debates, meeting and discussion to exchange culture and knowledge
3. Collaborative Project
Artists and participants will be free to develop a project or work with local artists or communities. HONF will facilitate one assistant and some volunteers.
4. Laboratory Works
Laboratory works will facilitate the artists to collaborate and elaborate with another artists, local artists or the environment around.
5. Breakcorelabs version
After 10 years of building, organizing and supporting electronic music scene and event, HONF presented breakcore_LABS; an open platform for breakcore music scene and experimental audiovisual performance in Indonesia. Outputs projected out of this platform may vary from collaboration, networking, sharing and discussion. breakcore_LABS will sustainably produce breakcore_LABS events, though it’s not yet on regular schedule. Stay tune to our news page to get the latest information of breakcore_LABS upcoming events and related events.
This platform is open for local and international musician and visual artist with interest in Breakcore music scene. breakcore_LABS is organized using community-base method. We welcome any person, groups and institutions who would like to participate and collaborate through this platform.
6. Performance/ Exhibition
Performance/Exhibition will take place in Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia. The show will gather International artists from South East Asia region., and also artists from local [Malaysia]. The performance/exhibition will show the works and sound installations from artists, local artists. And it will gather artists and works from South Asia, and it will built a bridge between technology , youth culture sustainability, artists, aesthetic and public in general.

Artists – Organisations

1. SGE - Malaysia
Space Gambus Experimental (SGE) is a performing arts group founded by Kamal sound Sabran (sound artist) and Mohd Zulkifli Ramli (Gambus / Oud). They have launched their first album on December 27, 2009 and received overwhelming response. They have also been invited to hold a variety of performances and art shows in various events. SGE are not tied to mainstream music genres and their performances can be accompanied by a variety of musical instruments and other performances and very spontaneous.

The mesmerizing sounds of The Space Gambus Experiment are the result of a unique collaboration between musicians Kamal Sabran (electro – acoustic) and Mohd Zulkifli Ramli (Gambus/Oud) . This blend of traditional and contemporary Malaysian music is also merged with radio waves received from the planet Jupiter.

"SGE is the best epitome of how our society and environment have become so dense and noisy, that we can't hear any words of wisdom anymore. In this regards, SGE is being truthful in reflecting the situation that we are letting ourselves into.... Everything is a good reflection for everything. I am blessed to witness SGE, no matter what my 'short term' response may say about it. In the words of my Tok Syeh, everything is 'bagus, bagus, bagus'. Cayalah! to everyone in SGE and Sosound for pouring their soul out sincerely. That is far better than being a person who 'tipu diri sendiri' just to please others. Keep true to oneself, then each one of us can become a good reflection for others to learn from. Takbir!" - Hasnul Jamal Saidon.

2. 2. Sosound - Malaysia
Sosound is a group of young artists from Studio Sebiji Padi of that experimented sound art despite producing other forms of visual artworks. They are using conventional instruments like guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, software, sound, a host of other musical instruments are produced by some process of modification and performance / visual displays and sounds, yell and Ambience. They have also been invited to perform in various big events, whether from the government and the private and often collbrated with individuals and groups of audio performances both local and international.

3. Goh Lee Kwang
Goh Lee Kwang is probably one of the most exciting Malaysia sound / new media artists in the scene. He has travelled around the world creating sound installations, sonic-visual interactive installation, single / multichannel video, appeared in electro-acoustic improvised music performances as well as worked on radio broadcasts and soundtracks for theater / dance / indie films. His work has been showcased at festival, galleries and privates spaces in Europe & Asia.

Goh Lee Kwang is internationally recognized sound artist from Malaysia. He has created sound installations, sonic-visual interactive installations, single channel videos, multi channel videos, electro-acoustic improvised music performances, tape music, works for radio broadcasts and soundtracks for theatre / dance / independent movie. They have been shown in various festivals, galleries & private spaces in Asia as well as in Europe. Goh's works focus on the various possibilities of both natural and recorded sound, crossing the boundaries of digital and analogue, electronic and acoustic, allowing audiences to experience the work directly, and in their own personal way.

4. HONF - Indonesia
The House of Natural Fiber (HONF), Yogyakarta, is a New Media art laboratory, founded in 1999. They concentrate on the principles of critique and innovation. Since the beginning, HONF has consistently focused on cultural development and New Media art, running numerous New Media art projects and workshops. In every project HONF concentrate on interactivity with people and environments. Thinking forward, positive and creative is becoming a vision for HONF. In the implementation of this vision, in every program, they work towards the development of art with technology. This desire to contemplate the future of technology and art is an important endeavor for the technology itself.

5. TUTOK –Philipines
Tutok is an artist collective that was established in Manila in 2005. At this time a core group of concerned artists came together to make a stand against the spate of extra-judicial killings that hit unrecognised, anonymous, and mostly rural Filipinos. Since then, this loosely-organised band of artists, headed by Manny Garibay and Karen Flores, has made it tradition to put together an exhibition on or around December 1, Human Rights Day. Tutok employs art as medium, message, and motivation to call attention to important socio-political issues affecting our daily lives, often collaborating with local Non Government Organizations and educational institutions.

6. Post Museum – Singapore
Post-Museum is an independent cultural and social space which seeks to examine contemporary life, promote the arts and connect people. It is a ground-up project initiated by Singaporean curatorial team p-10 and it opened in September 2007.
studios and offices.
Our activities cover many areas including Art, Design, Architecture and work by NGOs. p-10 is the Resident Curatorial Team and is responsible for a large part of the Art programme. The other programmes are organised by other motivated individuals who have interest and/or expertise in those areas.
Our programmes include Local and International Exhibitions, Residency Programmes for Local and International Talents, Talks by Local and International Talents, Workshops and Classes, Community Projects, Research and Publishing.

Project Timeline

16 - 17 March (9.00am - 18.00pm) - Kingdom of Rebel#2 Preparation
18 - 19 March (9.00am - 18.00pm) - Presentation, Open Lab and Workshop
20 March (20.00am - 22.30pm) - Performance

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